Reasons Why I came back to Puglia after 20 years away

Vincenzo Belpiede
2 min readApr 13, 2023

1. Spend quality time with Family before it’s too late

2. Incredible food

3. Live and breathe my own culture

4. History

5. Monuments

6. Better lifestyle, simpler and less stressful than many places I’ve lived around the world (ex. California, Mexico City, Beijing…)

7. Great to see old friends and play some sports with them. Also in general People actually meet with you just to meet with you and not only because they need something from you (yes I’m thinking of you US :)

8. Speak my own native language again

9. I do have a US citizenship as well so I can go back anytime but honestly I don’t have much desire for now.

10. Finally with FTTH (Fiber to the home) and 5G I have very fast connections also in my town Cerignola

11. Not only I prefer to be in Italy…I love being in Europe…I get to visit so many other great cities for work and pleasure

12. With my parents we’ve been renovating the building where my great grandmother lived…and where I grew up with my grandparents…this is absolutely priceless

13. Clean air

14. When you run a global business Europe time zones are much better than the West Coast

15. I own my home and it’s huge with very high ceilings (5–6 meters about 20 ft)…oh and it’s 200 years old and it belonged to my great grandmother.

…I’m sure I’ll think of more soon

My LinkedIn shows most of the countries and cities I lived in so I won’t repeat it here…but I’ve definitely been around

So I have a decent perspective



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